What symptom does darling dust allergy have?

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Baobao just born is the worst to take, especially now the parents have no experience of taking baby. And now the baby more and more let parents see. The baby is also the most prone to a condition, here we talk about how to judge whether the baby is allergic, and what symptoms does the baby have. What symptom does darling dust allergy have? Let's talk about it.

What symptom does darling dust allergy have?

The cold is not good and relapses. The baby has a cold. After taking the medicine, it doesn't get well for a long time, or it doesn't take long to catch a cold. This phenomenon may be that the baby is allergic. It is suggested that Bao's parents take the baby to check. Note: Although the relationship between some diseases and allergy is not very strong, it has some relationship with allergy. Like otitis media, sinusitis, roar, etc. Because the structures of the respiratory tract are interconnected, if there are allergic manifestations, other surrounding organs will also be affected.

Often runny nose, stuffy nose, rub nose, rub eyes, the weather changes greatly in spring and autumn, some baby constitution is easy to allergy, there will be runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose, sneezing, rub nose and other symptoms, and often relapse. Many parents mistakenly think that the cold is not good, which is likely to be allergic.

Wheezing cough wheezing baby often after respiratory tract infection will appear cough, shortness of breath, breathing with wheezing phenomenon. The diameter of the baby's trachea is small. When the virus invades the bronchioles, it will cause inflammation, edema and increased sputum secretion. Obstruction of the baby's respiratory tract, resulting in shortness of breath, dyspnea, cough, wheezing, chest muscle depression, wheezing when exhaling. This phenomenon is quite serious and needs urgent treatment. If the treatment is not appropriate, it is likely that the child will have a lifetime of wheezing cough.

matters needing attention

Allergy is not terrible, as long as we pay attention to diet, such as the emergence of allergic phenomenon, appropriate treatment, and separation of allergic. With the improvement of the baby's immune ability, the anti infection ability and resistance will be strengthened, and the symptoms will be improved. Especially serious allergic phenomenon must go to the hospital for examination, according to the doctor's advice. Now many doctors and parents will give the baby some topical ointment, such as dexamethasone, skincare ointment, etc. Although it can quickly control the skin allergy symptoms, once stopped, the allergy symptoms will relapse. Long term use of hormone ointment will make the baby's facial skin lose normal defense and self-protection ability, and eventually lead to hormone dependent dermatitis, causing great pain to children. So in the medication must pay attention to the best not to choose hormone drugs!