How to do orthodontics

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My parents have good teeth, but my teeth are crooked and untidy. It may be that I often lick my teeth with my tongue or break my teeth with my hands during tooth changing. Your bad teeth have always had a very serious impact on me, because the students have been laughing at me, but now I am about to graduate from University, I want to find a good job to go to an interview, and I want to correct my teeth before the interview. Let's take a look at the following.

How to do orthodontics

First: 1 for orthodontic teeth, first of all, we should check the oral cavity to see if there is any inflammation in the oral cavity. If there is inflammation, we can't do it. To correct the teeth, we must first play the role of anti-inflammatory, and then we can correct the teeth only when we have oral health. Orthodontics don't take long, so there's no need to worry.

Second: in general, it takes half a year to correct teeth. In between, if you go to an interview, you can take off the braces. However, short-term removal of the braces will not have a very serious impact. Of course, it is not allowed to remove the braces frequently. So first of all, patients should have a certain understanding of orthodontic science.

Third: before paying the account, we must have an examination, because not all people's teeth are orthodontic, and some people have to carry out tooth extraction before orthodontic treatment. Because of the uneven teeth, it will lead to more neatness and bigger cheeks after orthodontic treatment.

matters needing attention

Usually, we should pay attention to the protection of personal teeth. During the tooth change period, parents should tell their children to develop a good habit, not to pick it with their hands often, and not to lick it with their tongue, which can easily lead to the crooked and untidy teeth. Therefore, parents should have certain responsibilities.