Can acuteness wet wart sleep together infect

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Condyloma acuminatum is entangled with you, probably because some friends had dirty sex life, this is because this is more common in people with sexual disorder, many people do not know the early symptoms of condyloma acuminatum very well, so they delay the timely treatment of the disease, and often miss the best stage of treatment. Today, let me talk about condyloma acuminatum with you Is sleeping contagious.

Can acuteness wet wart sleep together infect

First of all: condyloma acuminatum roommate can be transmitted to sexual partners, condyloma acuminatum is serious, will affect the urine, condyloma acuminatum early symptoms are not easy to be found, usually after a period of time, the symptoms will be active, the disease occurs in the genital parts, the basic damage site for genital external skin with irregular shape of small papules, erosive exudate, easy to touch Bleeding, and then infection, if not treated in time, great harm.

Secondly: condyloma acuminatum will be more and more serious, condyloma acuminatum does not only occur in genital parts, because of its strong infectivity, it will also turn into damage to other parts, which will cause papilloma of conjunctiva and oral mucosa, which is very harmful to the body. In addition, malignant tumor is a serious complication of condyloma acuminatum.

Finally: after the discovery of timely treatment, in the future is likely to cause penis cancer, cervical cancer and other malignant tumors, early thorough treatment is an effective method to prevent condyloma acuminatum canceration. The incidence rate of condyloma acuminatum is high, most of which are female patients, which are mostly damaged to different degrees. For pregnant women, the disease can not be effectively treated for a long time, which may lead to fetal damage and affect the quality of reproduction.

matters needing attention

Patients should have a comprehensive examination of themselves and their sexual partners to determine the source of the disease and prevent the other side from being infected. If both parties are infected with condyloma acuminatum, and only one party, the relevant treatment, then, the other party's condition, will not be treated.