What symptom is osteosarcoma?

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Osteosarcoma mainly occurs in the joints of the legs or hands. Tumors in these parts do great harm to the body. They are often inflamed and inflamed. It is difficult to cure, which leads to serious damage to the function of the abdomen. If the cancer cells continue to spread, the body is weak, and various diseases occur together, it may lead to complete loss of function. Amputation is also necessary for the spread of cancer cells, Even after amputation, it still can not prevent the spread and metastasis of tumor, which also brings great harm to the lives of patients. What symptom can osteosarcoma have to judge?

What symptom is osteosarcoma?

If the local symptoms of osteosarcoma are not relieved, the inflammation inside will lead to excessive effusion, which will cause bacterial infection and affect the surrounding organs. The whole body will also have problems, such as fever, pharyngitis and so on. Some patients with bone inflammation area is too large, easy to fracture.

Osteosarcoma early abdominal pain, will be accompanied by the occurrence of mass, touch local feel hard swelling, some can move, cold or trauma after the mass will increase, the surrounding skin reddening, limited activity, walking, or take things feel inconvenient, have a sense of obstacle.

Osteosarcoma patients in the early stage, usually feel the tumor site is not comfortable, can appear swelling, pain, inflammation phenomenon, lasting for a short time, rest or warm can be relieved, but with the development of the disease, the frequency of pain will be higher and higher, the degree of pain will also deepen.

matters needing attention

Osteosarcoma symptoms in the early stage should be detected in time, abnormal, do not blindly use their own drugs to treat, need to make a clear diagnosis, early surgery can retain limb function as much as possible, postoperative use of traditional Chinese medicine and food therapy to enhance immunity.