Causes of prostatic hypertrophy

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A relative of mine is more than 60 years old and has prostate hypertrophy. It's very serious. After taking a lot of medicine, my health is better. Do you want to know the cause of prostate hypertrophy? Let me talk to you about the causes of prostate hypertrophy.

Causes of prostatic hypertrophy

Reason 1: often drinking or eating spicy food is also prone to BPH, alcohol has great harm to the prostate, many patients with BPH have a long-term and large amount of drinking history.

The second reason: unhealthy lifestyle: drinking, eating greasy food and other bad habits easily lead to endogenous damp heat, accumulation in the reproductive organs and make it congested and cause sexual excitement.

Reason 3: catch a cold: catch a cold can cause sympathetic excitement of human body, lead to the increase of urethral pressure, prostate tube contraction and hinder the excretion of prostatic fluid, produce silting congestion, so as to make benign prostatic hyperplasia.

matters needing attention

Here, I want to give you some warm tips: in a period of time before the onset of prostatitis, the local function of the prostate may have changed to a certain extent, but I may not have obvious feeling or abnormality at this stage. At this time, the prostate may be in a sub-health state, especially prone to prostatitis under the induction of some factors.