What symptom does styloid process have too long

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In the treatment of styloid process syndrome, we need to choose whether to treat according to the specific situation of patients. If the styloid process is too long and asymptomatic or the symptoms are mild, no treatment can be given. If the condition is serious or even serious, surgery is recommended. Now there are also traditional Chinese medicine therapy, take some traditional Chinese medicine measures to treat styloid process too long syndrome. However, there are not a large number of reports on the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, but it does not mean that it can not. Some large medical institutions will also use traditional Chinese medicine. In general, the treatment of the disease depends not only on the suggestions of medical institutions, but also on the wishes of patients.

What symptom does styloid process have too long

First, styloid process abnormality is the key to the occurrence and development of styloid process syndrome, but this kind of abnormality does not happen suddenly, and once styloid process abnormality occurs, it should continue to develop on the basis of abnormality and not return to normal state without treatment. However, the symptoms of many patients are often found by accident at the beginning, and once the symptoms appear, they may exist continuously or intermittently, and tend to worsen.

Second, styloid process syndrome is a general term for foreign body sensation in the pharynx, pharyngeal pain or reflex earache, head and neck pain and salivary gland increase caused by styloid process being too long or its abnormal position and shape stimulating adjacent blood vessels and nerves, which is common in adults. Styloid process is too long when the syndrome is very severe, early treatment, early relief.

Third: the treatment of styloid process syndrome is mainly surgical treatment. Indications should be based on the patient's condition. The patient's symptoms are obvious, and those who urgently need surgery can use surgical treatment. Most of the operations were performed by oropharyngeal tonsillectomy or external cervical approach to shorten styloid process. In addition, the risk of surgery is not great, patients do not have to have any mental burden.

matters needing attention

Suffering from styloid process too long syndrome do not panic, if there is no special reaction can not be treated, if serious, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for treatment. Patients should pay attention to diet, exercise and health in daily life.