Does embryo stop to do Qing palace

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It's not easy for a child to be born safely. It needs to go through many tests. If something happens in the middle of the way, a life may pass by like this, and embryo suspension belongs to one of them. Let's talk about whether embryo suspension should be done in the Qing Dynasty.

Does embryo stop to do Qing palace

First: the embryo stop to need curettage, can't just take motherwort, motherwort is the medicine of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can't play the purpose of complete abortion, if abortion is not complete, still need to clear the palace again. In this case, abortion is best arranged by gynecologists. Do not use drugs without authorization. B-ultrasound reexamination should be done half a month after treatment to check whether there is residual tissue in the uterine cavity.

Second: if the embryo is stopped, all pregnancy reactions of the pregnant mother will gradually disappear. First of all, there is no longer nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions, the feeling of breast swelling will also be weakened. Then there will be vaginal bleeding, often dark red bloody leucorrhea. Finally, there may be pain in the lower abdomen and expulsion of the embryo. The above-mentioned manifestations vary from person to person, some even have no signs, directly appear abdominal pain, and then miscarriage, or no symptoms after embryo suspension, found by routine B-ultrasound examination.

Third: the diagnosis of "stillbirth" is usually induced labor. If the stillbirth remains in the uterus for too long without treatment, it will have adverse effects on the mother. Usually the time of fetal death is more than four weeks, pregnant women will have the complications of impaired blood coagulation function. Those who have not been delivered should be examined for coagulation function to determine whether there are DIC complications.

matters needing attention

Therefore, embryo suspension to a certain extent means that the development of the child has stopped before the embryo is formed. In this case, it is necessary to clear the uterus, otherwise it will cause great harm to the mother. In this case, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.