What are the symptoms of residual after abortion?

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Although the current flow of people technology is very good, it will still happen that the flow of people is not clean. Generally speaking, if the flow of people is not clean, there will be the following symptoms, such as abdominal pain and massive bleeding. If similar symptoms appear after the flow of people, we must hurry to the hospital for detailed examination. What are the symptoms of residual after abortion? Let's talk about it.

What are the symptoms of residual after abortion?

Nausea, greasy, people did not flow clean symptoms, there is a typical symptom is nausea, greasy and abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding symptoms.

Bleeding time is long, people did not do the main stream clean performance symptoms are usually manifested as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, bleeding after drug abortion time is 1-3 weeks, the performance is the amount of bleeding gradually reduced. If the bleeding decreases and then increases, or does not decrease at all or gradually increases, it is the symptom that the flow of people is not clean.

If there is no residual in the uterus, then we should consider the infection in the uterus, because the blood after abortion is a good culture base for bacteria. If the flow of people did not do a clean performance, the symptoms are very serious, then in gynecological examination, the uterus will have tenderness, to have fever and other symptoms.

matters needing attention

Women in about a month after the abortion operation, the best hospital to do B ultrasound examination, mainly to check the recovery of the uterus and is not completely flow clean. Maybe I don't think it's necessary, so I don't want to go. Even some women say that lochia is clean after abortion, and there is no sign of discomfort. However, if gynecological infection occurs, you can't see some mild infections, or even have no symptoms. If there is no re examination, you will miss the best treatment time and delay the illness.