What are the treatment methods of coronary heart disease

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My grandfather is now playing cards at home or something, do not go to work, but recently he always feel sick, check that I have coronary heart disease, let me seize the time to treat, do not delay the disease. Today, let me talk with you about the treatment of coronary heart disease.

What are the treatment methods of coronary heart disease

The first method: in clinic, the main treatment of coronary heart disease is drug therapy, surgical treatment and interventional therapy. The choice of treatment is closely related to the comprehensive factors of the disease. You can go to the Department of Cardiology in a large hospital, and the treatment plan can be determined by professional doctors after comprehensive treatment.

The second method: according to the different types of coronary heart disease, the treatment scheme is also different, so you can go to the hospital to do ECG examination, clear which type of coronary heart disease, and give active treatment, and then you can measure blood glucose at the onset, eliminate the symptoms caused by low blood glucose, and do not blindly apply drug treatment.

Third method: polarizing solution and nitrates can also be used. If combined with heart failure and arrhythmia, the treatment of correcting heart failure and antiarrhythmia should be added. If necessary, the interventional treatment of coronary heart disease (PTCA + stenting) can be carried out. If serious, the surgical bypass operation can be carried out.

matters needing attention

Coronary heart disease is a serious disease in our life. In the face of such disease, in addition to timely medical treatment, we should also do the corresponding control in our daily diet, pay attention to rest, do not carry out intense exercise, so as not to aggravate the disease.