Symptoms of lumbar compression fracture

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After 2 to 4 weeks of injury, their body is no longer so weak. The appetite and gastrointestinal function of the patients have recovered. At this time, we can supplement some nutrition properly. Besides, the food like bone soup and fish, eggs and animal liver is better. At the same time, we should eat more vegetables. The symptom of lumbar compression fracture, below I tell you.

Symptoms of lumbar compression fracture

After suffering from the disease, in order to help you get rid of the trouble of the disease, here we say that the sequelae of lumbar compression fracture is like this. If there is no good treatment, the patient may have paraplegia, lumbar deformation, lumbar pain and other sequelae.

If the disease is diagnosed, it is recommended to do a good job in the daily life of personal health care of the affected area. It is suggested to wear more cotton underwear with good ventilation. Keep local skin clean and dry. Do not wear chemical fiber, tight underwear, these are on the local skin irritation.

If you want to better treat the disease, exercise is very important for this kind of disease, especially for the disease that has been diagnosed. It is suggested that patients do more physical exercise in daily life care. The amount of exercise should be moderate. Don't be tired.

matters needing attention

After suffering from the disease, in daily life, we need to pay attention to the matter is that we must do a good job in the diet of the disease, for a large number of intake of a single nutrient, it is not advisable, remember that nutrition should be comprehensive.