What are the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation?

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Lumbar disc herniation (LDH) is a disease characterized by low back and leg pain caused by the compression of nerve roots by the protrusion of nucleus pulposus after the rupture of annulus fibrosus. Lumbar disc herniation patients in daily life should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, correct posture, avoid long standing and sedentary, should choose a hard bed, keep the spine physiological bending.

What are the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation?

Most patients with low back pain have a history of low back pain for several weeks or months or have a history of repeated low back pain attacks, and the degree of low back pain is different. The main symptom of the disease is radiation pain in the sciatic nerve region of one side of the lower limb.

Lumbar dyskinesia is affected in all aspects, especially in hindlimb dyskinesia. Most patients with scoliosis have different degrees of scoliosis.

The patients with longer course of numbness often have subjective numbness, which is mostly confined to the posterolateral side of the leg, dorsum of foot, heel or palm of foot. The temperature of the affected limb was lower than that of the healthy side;

matters needing attention

In labor, we should pay attention to protect the waist to prevent repeated injury. Improve working posture and correct bad working habits. Strengthen muscle exercise, strong back muscles can prevent soft tissue injury. Patients with lumbocrural pain should be examined and treated as soon as possible, and take exercise or rest under the guidance of doctors.