Can you drink lemonade after abortion

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Miscarriage is also known as "xiaoyuezi", which has great influence and harm on the body. Modern medical abortion methods are divided into: medical abortion, painless abortion, curettage, there are many precautions after abortion, if you do not pay attention to maintain your body after abortion, it will be easy to have some sequelae, then, can you drink lemonade after abortion? What are the precautions after induced abortion? What should diet pay attention to? Now let's learn about it.

Can you drink lemonade after abortion

Yes, but try to drink warm, lemon can lose weight, whitening, honey can spleen, Runzao, laxative. After operation, we should pay attention to diet nutrition, eat more meat, eggs, bean products.

Pay attention to increase nutrition, intake enough protein, enhance the body's resistance to disease, promote the early repair of injured organs. After abortion, we should eat more fish, meat, eggs, legume products, protein rich food and vitamin rich fresh vegetables to speed up the recovery of the body.  

To pay attention to the best drink warm water, do not drink cold things, diet after abortion to light, two weeks after abortion can be appropriate tonic

matters needing attention

Keep the vulva clean and sanitary, forbid rooming. After abortion, the uterine orifice has not been closed, and the endometrium also has a process of repair. During this period of time, special attention should be paid to keep the vulva clean and hygienic. Do not take a bath in half a month after the operation, so as to avoid dirty water entering the vagina, causing bacterial invasion and infection. Do not share the same room within one month after abortion.