What symptom did pregnant have?

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Pregnancy in October is a magical journey. This process is coming day by day, so for pregnant women, all aspects of life will affect the fetus in the abdomen, so pregnant women should pay attention to every small part of life, and patiently deal with it, so as to make pregnancy life relaxed and happy. What symptom did pregnant have? Let's talk about the specific situation.

What symptom did pregnant have?

1. Palpitations, easy: mainly due to the increase of pregnancy hormones, pregnant women will feel tired, palpitations or breathing is not smooth, lazy and weak, sick or sleepy. Early pregnancy reaction abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension: mainly because of the support of the uterine ligament, due to pregnancy caused by uterine swelling and upward. Just rest.

2. The reaction during pregnancy is determined by people. Some people may not have any reaction during the whole pregnancy, and some people may have it all the time, but generally they will have reaction only after 3 months (nausea, fatigue, etc.). Early pregnancy response to changes in basal body temperature: women who measure basal body temperature can know early pregnancy. The normal basal body temperature of a woman is in a two-way curve, that is, it is lower before ovulation and higher after ovulation. If the menstrual period is due, the body temperature will not drop after rising, and it will remain above 18 days, then it means that she is pregnant.

3. Most of the women had nausea and vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, food selection, frequent urination and other early pregnancy reactions about 6 weeks after menopause. Generally, women will have some special reactions after pregnancy, such as special preference for certain kinds of food.

matters needing attention

Although expectant mothers also have to do maintenance, it does not mean that they can directly continue the maintenance before pregnancy. Zhang Xiaojuan said that for expectant mothers, skin care should be safe first, with the principle of moistening, nourishing, protecting and repairing. The main steps are cleaning, moistening, moisturizing and isolation protection, so as to keep the skin as clean and comfortable as possible, which is conducive to metabolism.