What is the precursor of adolescent premature ejaculation

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In recent days, a friend often comes to me to complain. He has been married for some time and always wants to hold a child. However, he has premature ejaculation and can't have a good sex life, which has a huge impact on his life. Now let's find out what is the precursor of adolescent premature ejaculation.

What is the precursor of adolescent premature ejaculation

First, pay attention to the regularity of life, strengthen physical exercise, such as Taijiquan, walking, qigong are beneficial to self-health and mental adjustment. Prohibit masturbation, control sexual intercourse, avoid violent sexual impulse, avoid the way of repeated sexual intercourse to extend the second time of sexual intercourse time, this is harmful to health, not desirable.

Second, it can make men feel depressed and affect their life, and affect the relationship between husband and wife. Because the husband and wife can not achieve sexual satisfaction, that is, ejaculation and impotence, it directly endangers the harmony of the couple's sexual life, and then affects the couple's feelings and family harmony; men lose self-confidence. Too fast ejaculation (premature ejaculation) will make men feel that they "can't", resulting in psychological barriers and a decline in self-confidence.

Third: premature ejaculation refers to the penis inserted into the vagina in women have not yet reached orgasm, and men's sexual intercourse time is less than 2 minutes. Some antidepressants and sedatives are mainly used in the treatment. Some antibiotics are used for the treatment of primary diseases in patients with organic diseases. Some anesthetics or similar drugs are also used to reduce the sensitivity of glans. If necessary, see if the traditional Chinese medicine doctor is caused by kidney deficiency.

matters needing attention

The problem of premature ejaculation will have a great impact on the couple's life, and there are many reasons for premature ejaculation. It is suggested that patients can go to the regular men's hospital to learn about their condition, which can effectively suit the medicine to the case, and can also take targeted treatment to restore health as soon as possible.