What about poisoning

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Uncle is a rubber factory worker. He has to touch these chemicals every day. In 10 years, he appeared the phenomenon of pink foam sputum, chest pain, chest pain, nausea and vomiting. Then he went to see a doctor. The doctor said he was poisoned and arranged for his uncle to have treatment. Let me talk about my uncle's treatment experience.

What about poisoning

First: first of all, after my uncle and I went to the hospital, the doctor asked my uncle to do several tests, such as blood routine, urine routine, liver function test and so on. Then he diagnosed that my uncle was suffering from poisoning and needed immediate treatment to prevent other body function disorders.

Second: the doctor first injected some drugs to his uncle, and then said that he would stay in hospital for observation for 3 days. At the same time, he would inject some drugs to his uncle every day, and he would also give his uncle aerosol inhalation treatment. The doctor said that he would mainly use the same medicine. As long as the effect is achieved, the drug can be stopped.

Third, it is highly toxic. After entering the human body, it can destroy some cellular respiratory enzymes, making tissue cells unable to obtain oxygen and die; It can also strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and make the mucosa ulcerate and bleed; Can also damage blood vessels, bleeding, damage the liver, serious will die of respiratory and circulatory failure.

matters needing attention

The doctor said that the initial examination was caused by eating a large amount of food containing hydroxide. Now we should immediately help him with gastric lavage to prevent the spread of the poison in the body. The doctor also used nitrite drugs to help detoxify.