Why is psoriasis on the hand

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Psoriasis incidence is very high, can not be underestimated, life must pay more attention to, lest the disease happen too suddenly, so the Internet query the relevant information, the following is for you to introduce.

Why is psoriasis on the hand

The first reason is: mental factors: Patients with tension or excessive fatigue will cause the emergence or aggravation of the disease. Mental hyperactivity, depression, tension, anxiety, terror or neurasthenia lead to the disorder of regulation function of cerebral cortex and the dysfunction of anal peripheral nerve. When stimulated, the skin is prone to react and show mossy changes.

The second reason is: immune dysfunction: some patients have low immune function and high serum level; some patients have antibodies in their serum; some people will use immunofluorescence technology to measure the autoantibodies in the cuticle of patients.

The third reason is: stimulating factors: such as excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee and other hot stimulants, or taking some drugs that act on the nervous system, as well as underwear friction, scratching and other local stimulation, are all incentives. Cold, skin trauma, streptococcal infection, tension and some drugs are the most common factors to promote or aggravate psoriasis. Including trauma, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation endocrine changes, may stimulate the occurrence of psoriasis.

matters needing attention

So, it's not that the folk prescription can cure all kinds of diseases. It should be said that although the folk prescription is sometimes very effective, it has certain limitations. I hope you can understand this. Therefore, patients and friends hope to recover as soon as possible through timely treatment. And to do this, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of psoriasis.