What are the causes of vitreous opacity

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Normal vitreous body is vitreous body the new supersedes the old. In normal condition, there are few cells in the vitreous body, no blood vessels, slow metabolism, and highly transparent. Now, let me talk about the causes of vitreous opacity.

What are the causes of vitreous opacity

Factor 1: uveitis, inflammatory exudates and inflammatory cells into the vitreous body to form gray dust like, flocculent or lumpy turbidity. Hemorrhage, due to retinal phlebitis, venous occlusion, diabetes, hypertension, trauma or surgery caused by bleeding into the vitreous body, in the process of blood into and absorption, the formation of red, yellow, gray flake or mass turbidity.

Factor 2: pigment, trauma, uveitis and other pigment particles into the vitreous. Parasites and their metabolites, intraocular tumor or other parts of the body tumor eye metastasis, cause turbidity. The foreign body in vitreous body is remained after ocular trauma.

Factor 3: vitreous hyperplasia caused by ocular trauma, bleeding, diabetes, etc. Vitreous degeneration, more common in the elderly and high myopia, vitreous hyaluronic acid depolymerization liquefaction. In diabetic and hypercholesterolemic patients, there may be cholesterol crystal deposition in vitreous. This situation needs active intervention, identification of causes, and appropriate treatment.

matters needing attention

Once the symptoms of vitreous opacity appear, we should go to the regular professional hospital in time to avoid missing the best treatment time and causing unnecessary injury.