The first symptom of hyperthyroidism?

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Hyperthyroidism is short for "hyperthyroidism", which is caused by the synthesis and release of too much thyroid hormone by thyroid gland, resulting in body metabolism hyperthyroidism and sympathetic nerve excitement, causing palpitation, sweating, eating and defecation increase and weight loss. Most patients often have exophthalmos, eyelid edema, vision loss and other symptoms at the same time. The first symptom of hyperthyroidism? Next, I'd like to share my views with you.

The first symptom of hyperthyroidism?

Energy metabolism and abnormal metabolism of sugar, protein and fat: the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of hyperthyroidism is increased, which can cause fever, sweating, weight loss, low work efficiency, muscle wasting, fatigue and fatigue. Negative balance of protein metabolism, cholesterol decreased or normal, subcutaneous fat disappeared, fat metabolism accelerated. The decomposition of liver glycogen and muscle glycogen is increased, the gluconeogenesis is increased, the blood glucose may be increased or postprandial hyperglycemia occurs, and diabetes may occur in patients with abnormal glucose metabolism.

Water and salt metabolism and vitamin metabolism disorder: thyroid hormone can promote diuresis, excretion of potassium and magnesium, so hyperthyroidism is prone to hypokalemic periodic paralysis and hypomagnesemia. The transport of calcium and phosphorus is accelerated, and there are often high urine calcium, high urine phosphorus and high urine magnesium; For a long time, bone decalcification and osteoporosis can occur. When hypocalcemia occurs, the patients take insufficient calcium. A few patients may have secondary hyperparathyroidism. At the same time, due to the poor absorption, fast metabolism and high consumption of hyperthyroidism, vitamin B1, C, D and other vitamin deficiency and trace element deficiency can occur.

Hyperthyroidism can occur at any age, most of the age is 20~40 years old, and the incidence rate of general female is higher than male, about 4: 1. However, in endemic goiter endemic areas, the proportion of women is slightly more than that of men, about 4:3. Adolescent hyperthyroidism often occurs in young women with mild symptoms. Some of them can recover after puberty without treatment.

matters needing attention

Chinese cabbage is sweet, light, and low in calories β- Carotene, iron, magnesium, can enhance the calcium absorption of the required ingredients, in addition, the potassium in Chinese cabbage will be salt out of the body, has diuretic effect. Eat more high calorie, high protein, high vitamin foods, such as meat and beans, etc;