Can psoriasis eat chili

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There is a skin disease, the doctor said it is psoriasis, now a lot of people do not have to worry, but also said that it can be cured, I read a lot of pictures from the Internet, the pictures are very serious. Now it's much better, here to share with you psoriasis can eat hot pepper, hope to help more people.

Can psoriasis eat chili

First: light, less salt. With the increase of people's age, taste will begin to get worse, some patients with psoriasis will put a lot of salt to seasoning when cooking, in fact, this is not scientific. For elderly patients with psoriasis, excessive salt intake will bring additional burden to the heart and kidney, resulting in increased blood pressure. In the diet, too much fat will also increase the incidence of hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia in elderly patients, which is not conducive to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. To some easy to cause psoriasis food, had better not eat, lest cause and aggravate the disease, affect the effect of psoriasis treatment.

Second: supplement protein. In some lean meat, eggs and beans contain a lot of protein, due to the elderly patients with psoriasis caused by disease, every day to shed a lot of scales, lose more protein, so in the diet should pay special attention to. In addition, the intestinal function of the elderly is weaker than that of the young. They should have a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables and a balanced diet. They should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily life. It's better to make the food soft and rotten for easy absorption.

Third: eat less and eat more. For elderly patients with psoriasis, it's best to eat less and more meals, and don't eat too full every meal, especially dinner. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more cellulose, can help patients with psoriasis cardiovascular protection and anti constipation effect. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, which can not only protect cardiovascular system, but also prevent cancer.

matters needing attention

In daily life, patients with psoriasis as long as the patient is not allergic to chicken, which is edible, many times because chicken and fish are white meat, which is rich in high-quality protein.