Can herpes be treated

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In the last two years, because I was more playful and didn't have any worries, I contracted genital herpes. Now I really regret it. I spent a lot of money to treat it. But later, I often relapsed, relapsed and treated, but I still couldn't stop it. When the doctor prescribed medicine, now I'm taking medicine to recuperate. Today, let me tell you about blisters Can rash be treated.

Can herpes be treated

First of all, the principle of treatment is that the infected HSV can not be activated or even eliminated; Second, to regulate immunity and prevent recurrence, we can take acyclovir intravenously or orally, LIZHUWEI orally, interferon intramuscular injection and interleukin II intramuscular injection. When we treat recurrent genital herpes, we use interferon 3 million units intramuscular injection produced by Biotechnology Center of four medical universities, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, a total of three courses of treatment, with appropriate use of interleukin II or ribavirin 95% of the patients did not relapse.

Secondly, attention should be paid to protecting the wound, keeping it clean and dry, and preventing secondary bacterial infection. 5% acyclovir (ACV) ointment or emulsion, alpha or beta interferon emulsion or gel, 1% methyl violet (Long Danzi) solution, 3% Tetracycline Hydrochloride Ointment or 25% Zinc Oxide Oil agent can be used.

Finally: during the treatment of their own personal hygiene to keep clean, do not pay attention to hygiene will lead to herpes symptoms become more serious.

matters needing attention

Genital herpes patients in exercise must pay attention to moderate, continuous and gradual, avoid exercise interval is too long or intensity is too big, in the human body fatigue, lack of rest should not be forced exercise, otherwise it will reduce immunity, aggravate the disease.