How does gum atrophy do?

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Clinically, gingival atrophy is a serious oral problem. Generally speaking, patients need to take measures as soon as possible to prevent further atrophy. Therefore, this paper will share the solutions of gingival atrophy with you.

How does gum atrophy do?

Method 1: gargle with chlorhexidine glucose gargle after meals. Adults 10 ml each time, children 5 ml each time, 1-2 minutes after each gargle, not to swallow.

Method 2: dip 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (hydrogen peroxide) with sterilized cotton swab, apply it on the gingival margin, and gargle with warm water when bubbles form. Because hydrogen peroxide can release new ecological oxygen, it can play the role of cleaning and hemostasis to a certain extent, and it also has a good effect on the removal of oral odor. Then apply 2% iodine glycerin, 3 times a day, until gingivitis healed.

Method 3: Liuwei Dihuang Pill oral adhesive tablets were used. Each tablet contains 5 mg of metronidazole. When used, the patch will adhere to the affected part of the mouth.

matters needing attention

After mastering the way to deal with gingival atrophy, patients should also pay attention to mastering the correct method of brushing teeth.