Chronic nephritis sex life

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Some time ago, I felt that I had edema again. Recently, I had a bad appetite. I didn't want to eat and I was tired. My family said that my face was also very bad. I found out that I had kidney disease and had not been treated. In order to prevent you from the same disease, let me introduce about chronic nephritis sex life.

Chronic nephritis sex life

First, patients with nephrotic syndrome eat high protein food. Although the liver synthesizes albumin, the excretion of urinary protein also increases, which does not help to correct hypoproteinemia. On the contrary, it causes glomerular capillary hyperperfusion, high pressure and hyperfiltration, and accelerates glomerular non-inflammatory sclerosis. Limiting protein intake can slow down the development of chronic renal impairment. Therefore, we advocate a high-quality protein diet, 0.7-1.0 g / kg body weight per day.

Second: diet to pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not yet dropped to normal children, this is very important. But food without salt will affect appetite, should use low salt diet. After the edema and hypertension disappear, we can improve the ordinary diet, but it should also be light, not too salty. Steamed bread and soda biscuits also contain sodium, it is best not to give children to eat. Can let the child eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body vitamins.

Third: the treatment of kidney disease, most need to take hormone drugs. Under the guidance of the doctor, the dosage of hormone should be gradually reduced until the drug is stopped. Parents should urge their children to take medicine on time and in accordance with the amount. They should not reduce and stop taking medicine at will, so as to avoid repeated illness.

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Nephritis patients can eat raisins. Resveratrol in raisins has the functions of reducing fever and pain, anticancer, antimutagenic, cardiovascular protection, preventing heart and liver damage, antithrombotic, antioxidant, anti free radical, prolonging life, and even weight loss.