Symptoms of allergic bronchitis in children?

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Allergic bronchitis is a disease very similar to cough variant asthma, also known as allergic cough. Cough may be the only symptom of allergic bronchitis, mainly long-term stubborn dry cough, often induced by inhalation of pungent odor, cold air, contact with allergens, exercise or upper respiratory tract infection, some patients do not have any incentives. More in the night or early morning. Some patients have a certain seasonal attack, in spring and autumn for more. Symptoms of allergic bronchitis in children? Let's talk about it.

Symptoms of allergic bronchitis in children?

Cough: long term, repeated and gradually aggravated cough is the prominent manifestation of the disease. Mild cases only occur in winter and spring, especially before and after getting up in the morning. Cough is less in the daytime. In summer and autumn, cough is relieved or disappeared. Severe patients cough in all seasons, especially in winter and spring, day and night.

Expectoration: the general sputum is white mucous foam, and it is more frequent in the morning. After infection or cold, the symptoms quickly worsened, the amount of sputum increased, viscosity increased, or yellow purulent sputum or accompanied by wheezing. Occasionally, the sputum is bloody due to severe cough.

Asthma: when combined with respiratory tract infection, due to congestion and edema of bronchiolar mucosa, sputum obstruction and bronchial stenosis, can produce asthma (wheezing) symptoms. Wheezing occurred in the throat during breathing and wheezing occurred in the lung during auscultation. This type of asthma is called asthmatic bronchitis clinically; But its attack condition is not like the typical bronchial asthma.

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To sum up, you must have a certain understanding of this, allergic bronchitis is very common in people's life, but allergic bronchitis is easy to relapse, at the same time, due to the serious harm of allergic bronchitis, we hope people can pay more attention to it.