How does mole of Tai Tian get rid of

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I have a female friend who is very good-looking, with white skin and delicate facial features. But the only drawback is that there is a mole of Ota on her forehead. She bought a lot of skin mask products to remove mole, but none of them had any effect. Later, after meeting a beauty doctor, the doctor told her a few tips. Let me tell you how to remove nevus of Ota.

How does mole of Tai Tian get rid of

Method 1: nevus of Ota is similar to pigmentation, so it is difficult to diagnose. At present, there is no effective treatment for this disease. If patients think that nevus of Ota seriously affects their appearance, they can be treated with laser or cryotherapy. After treatment, nevus of Ota may or may not appear again, depending on the individual situation. Some people relapse again because of the sun, irregular menstruation and other reasons after treatment. Some people relapse from fatigue. In order to avoid recurrence, reduce sunlight, recuperate the body, do not fatigue. Usually can oral vitamin C, reduce light pigment. In daily life, it's best to shine less on the sun, and we must seriously regulate the body, do not overwork, eat more vitamin C.  

Method 2: how to form the mole of Ota, I believe you have some understanding. In fact, nevus of Ota is more difficult to treat, it is best to focus on prevention. In daily life, you should eat more fresh fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, etc., eat more nutritious vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, macaroni, lettuce, etc., drink more warm water, exercise more and improve your physique. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a doctor of a professional hospital. The doctor will tell you the answer according to the specific situation of the patient. If you want to get rid of nevus of Ota, you must be more careful in your diet. You can eat more fruits or vegetables with higher nutritional value.

Method 3: using laser to remove nevus, never look directly at the laser beam, even the unfocused original beam, the patient is in supine position, 5% EMLA surface anesthesia, eye mask or sclera mask to protect the affected side of the eye, the opposite side can be covered with wet gauze, if the affected skin is blue, gray black, Q-switch 1064nm laser treatment can be used. For nevus of Ota with brown or light skin, the mixed wavelength of Q-switch 532 + 1064nm can be selected. There are many people who choose laser therapy. This method is more common, and the effect is better and faster,

matters needing attention

After removing nevus by laser, there is no scar, no depigmentation, and no complications, which provides a good answer for "how to remove nevus of Ota". In addition, during the recovery period after laser mole removal, patients should avoid make-up, drinking, making facial mask and rubbing the skin. When going out, you should pay attention to sun protection to avoid transient pigmentation. In short, careful postoperative care, skin will recover faster. If the choice of method is surgery, or the use of laser nevus removal method, it is very important in postoperative care. Not everyone is suitable for surgical treatment, but it should be noted that in the process of make-up, try to gently rub the skin, and do not drink.