Several kinds of blood enriching food

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Women want blood, men want it? In fact, everyone may want to, blood (blood) refers to the method of treating blood deficiency syndrome with blood tonifying drugs. The main symptoms of blood deficiency are pale or yellow complexion, pale lip nail color, dizziness, insomnia, amnesia, palpitation, less menstruation or amenorrhea, pale tongue and fine pulse. Guipi pill, Siwu Decoction and Danggui Buxue Decoction should be used. Commonly used drugs are angelica, rehmannia, donkey hide gelatin, mulberry, longan meat, Polygonum multiflorum, wolfberry, etc.

Several kinds of blood enriching food

First: black beans - in ancient China, it has always been considered that eating beans is beneficial, especially black beans can produce blood and black hair. The way to eat black beans is at your convenience. After delivery, you can cook black bone chicken with black beans.

Second: Nostoc flagelliforme - Nostoc flagelliforme color black hair, texture is thick and smooth, contains iron, so it can enrich blood, often eat and make hair black, women can also use Nostoc flagelliforme soup cooking, as blood.

Third: carrots - carrots are carrots, which are called ginseng in Japan. They contain vitamin B and C, and contain a special nutrient carotene. Carotene is very beneficial to blood, so it is a good blood tonic soup to boil carrots.

matters needing attention

Sugarcane is one of people's favorite winter fruits, which contains a lot of iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements necessary for human body, especially iron content, up to 9 mg per kilogram, ranking first in fruits, so sugarcane is known as "buxueguo".