Does severe cervical erosion need treatment

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Severe cervical erosion is a common disease, many people do not understand, severe cervical erosion with what medicine good problem, this disease can be treated by surgery, but experts pointed out that the surgical treatment itself caused very serious damage to the body of patients with cervical erosion. And the high recurrence of severe cervical erosion disease increases the difficulty of treatment of cervical erosion disease, so let's share the need for treatment of severe cervical erosion.

Does severe cervical erosion need treatment

First: the treatment of cervical erosion is generally divided into drug therapy, physical therapy and surgical treatment. The specific choice of treatment method needs to be determined according to women's physical condition and condition. Moderate cervical erosion of the drug treatment effect is not big, it is recommended that the best choice is physical therapy or surgical treatment. Through laser or microwave treatment, this can be cured.

Second: the treatment of cervical erosion, first of all to do cervical smear, exclude precancerous lesions. Then carry out the etiological examination of cervical secretion, in order to confirm which pathogen is caused by, if necessary, pathogen culture + drug sensitivity can be done, in order to select sensitive drugs for treatment, drug treatment has local medication and systemic medication. But for the treatment of moderate and severe cervical erosion or physical therapy is better. Those with menstrual disorder should avoid irritant food.

Third: mild cervical erosion can take some Gongyankang and other drugs to treat, moderate and severe cervical erosion suggest the use of surgical methods to help repair the cervix, it is recommended to go to the 3A hospital for treatment. If you have not given birth, conservative treatment is generally recommended. It is suggested to use Kanggongyan tablets and Kushen suppository, or levofloxacin hydrochloride tablets, potassium permanganate external tablets and Zhimiling suppository, but the effect of severe medication is not good.

matters needing attention

In a word, women should participate in gynecological examination regularly, especially don't ignore the role of cervical biopsy, so as to find and treat the disease early, prevent the occurrence of cervical erosion, and avoid more harm.