Which kind of medicine can treat epilepsy

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A new life, if committed epilepsy, it's really terrible, let's talk about which drug can treat epilepsy, which we are very concerned about.

Which kind of medicine can treat epilepsy

First, in addition to the history and nervous system examination, EEG examination is considered to be the most important examination method so far, which can often help to locate and determine the nature of epilepsy. Epilepsy is caused by abnormal discharge of neurons. Treatment should start from the mechanism of epilepsy. Only when the neurons return to normal can they be cured.

Second: after suffering from epilepsy, you must first go to a regular hospital to see a specialist of epilepsy. The doctor needs to inquire about the history in detail and do necessary examinations, such as EEG, head CT, MRI, etc. only after the diagnosis can you give correct and effective treatment.

Third: as long as the treatment is timely and appropriate, about 70% of epilepsy can be controlled satisfactorily. Epilepsy patients after a certain period of regular, systematic drug treatment and no longer attack, generally can reduce the drug, until withdrawal. If there is no attack within 3 years after drug withdrawal, it can be considered as cured.

matters needing attention

Now in the treatment of general epilepsy, doctors will choose different antiepileptic drugs according to the etiology of patients. The treatment cycle of epilepsy is relatively long. For some intractable epilepsy, surgery will be chosen.