8 months of baby otitis media symptoms?

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After the baby got otitis media, we must see a doctor, follow the doctor's attention, serious treatment, can not take anti-inflammatory drugs, so that the baby did not get thorough treatment and leave hidden danger. If the treatment of otitis media is not timely, especially in infants with low body resistance, otitis media can expand to nearby organs, such as mastoiditis and even intracranial infection. Therefore, early diagnosis and early treatment are necessary. 8 months of baby otitis media symptoms? Let's talk about it.

8 months of baby otitis media symptoms?

Children with acute otitis media are characterized by ear pain, continuous crying in the early stage, and often grasping the ear with hands, accompanied by fever, refusal of milk and other symptoms. If accompanied by tympanic membrane perforation, mucopurulent secretion can also be seen out of the ear, children with hearing loss. Suffering from acute otitis media, should be active, thorough treatment to prevent chronic.

If the baby has a fever of 37.5 ℃ for 3 consecutive days and the fever persists after taking the medicine, it is necessary to consider the possibility of suffering from otitis media and go to the otolaryngology department for examination as soon as possible.

Children suddenly become irritable, crying, and always sleep hard at night, then immediately take him to see a doctor.

matters needing attention

The correct feeding posture should be adopted for the artificially fed infants, especially those within 3 months. If you use a bottle to feed, you should not let the baby lie flat and supine. You should first hold the baby on your knee, then lean his head on his left arm, and then hold the bottle in his right hand to feed. Feeding speed should not be too fast, too fierce, when the baby crying should temporarily stop feeding, in order to avoid coughing, milk will be sprayed into the eustachian tube.