Is scrofula cryotherapy or other method good?

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I just found a job that I was a little satisfied with, but I had verruca vulgaris on my hand. At first, my friend grew verruca vulgaris. Later, I don't know why I also had verruca vulgaris on my hand. But now my friend has been cured. Later, I consulted my friend about some methods for treating verruca vulgaris. Here's how to treat verruca vulgaris .

Is scrofula cryotherapy or other method good?

First: it is suggested that patients with verruca vulgaris should adopt important treatment methods. In fact, it is very safe, and the side effects are relatively small. Use 30 g of Equisetum, 30 g of Cyperus, 30 g of Sophora tonkinensis, 30 g of Isatis indigotica to wash the affected area with concentrated boiling water. We can try.

Second: after using the method of cryotherapy for verruca vulgaris, we should be very careful in our diet. During the treatment period of verruca vulgaris patients and a period of time after cure, we should try our best to avoid seafood products such as fish, shrimp, crab, and pungent food such as onion, garlic, pepper, tobacco and wine.

Third: in fact, at the beginning of the treatment, I knew that this method of cryotherapy for verruca vulgaris is very dangerous, but I still used it. Pay attention not to damage the nerves during cryotherapy. Children's elbow and knee skin lesions are easy to leave scars after cryotherapy, so we should master the appropriate degree during treatment.

matters needing attention

Friends of patients usually want to maintain a good mood, in addition to direct treatment of scrofula, it's best to match with dietotherapy, so as to reduce the recurrence of scrofula, you can eat congee with coix seed..