How much does living cell breast augmentation cost

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I was born with small and flat breasts, neither fat nor thin, and I didn't have any children. I was afraid that my family would not agree with me. I secretly went to do breast augmentation surgery and felt beautiful. How much does breast augmentation with living cells cost? Do you know? Today, let me learn how much it costs for breast augmentation with living cells.

How much does living cell breast augmentation cost

The first factor affecting the price: the price of breast augmentation is mainly composed of operation fee, expert fee, medical fee, disposable consumables fee, equipment wear fee, etc. due to the different operation equipment used in the hospital, the cost of breast augmentation will be different.

The second factor influencing the price: the price of breast augmentation is affected by many factors, such as surgical method, hospital level, doctor qualification, patient condition, surgical effect, etc., so the price of breast augmentation in plastic surgery market is different. In addition, the cost of breast augmentation will be changed according to the patient's condition and the chest shaping scheme.

Three factors affecting the price: the most common methods of breast augmentation are breast augmentation with prosthesis (prosthesis is divided into imported and domestic prosthesis, generally the cost of imported prosthesis is higher than that of domestic prosthesis), breast augmentation with injection (the injection materials are autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, olmetin, etc., hyaluronic acid is expensive, and few consumers can afford it.

matters needing attention

Because the cavity containing the prosthesis is large and deep, and the incision is small, the hemostasis in the cavity may not be complete during the operation, so postoperative hematoma may occur. In addition to giving hemostatic drugs according to the doctor's advice, the nurse should closely observe whether the patient has local swelling and pain and skin congestion cyanosis. If any abnormality is found, inform and assist the doctor to check the wound. If necessary, open the wound in the operating room, remove the hematoma and stop bleeding thoroughly.