Is rectum cancer conservative treatment OK

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Rectal cancer belongs to colorectal cancer, which is a common malignant tumor in gastrointestinal tract. The main treatment of rectal cancer is surgery. Surgical treatment includes two kinds of radical and palliative, radical surgery can remove cancer, but the probability of recurrence and metastasis is relatively high. Palliative operation refers to the operation method adopted to relieve obstruction and relieve the pain of patients when the metastatic range of cancer expands and there is no way to cure it. It refers to the limited resection of the intestinal segment with cancer. There is also chemotherapy, about half of the patients with rectal cancer in postoperative metastasis and recurrence, most patients need to receive chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is an important treatment for rectal cancer. However, chemotherapy will produce short-term and long-term toxic reactions, such as severe hair loss and extreme weight loss, physical weakness, gastrointestinal reactions, and bone marrow suppression. It is necessary to strengthen supportive treatment, reduce the toxic and side effects of chemical drugs, and improve the quality of life of patients. At the same time, the status of radiotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer has gradually been paid attention to. The main experience to share is whether conservative treatment of rectal cancer is OK.

Is rectum cancer conservative treatment OK

Treatment 1: for patients with advanced rectal cancer, cancer cells have appeared the phenomenon of diffusion and metastasis, if you choose surgery for treatment, the curative effect is not very ideal, and can only choose palliative local resection, there is no good curative effect for comprehensive treatment. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be considered for the treatment of diseases, and the treatment principle is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Treatment 2: chemotherapy is a very common treatment method in clinic, which can kill cancer cells and destroy normal cells in the human body, thus playing a counterproductive effect. Therefore, in the course of treatment, we should carefully measure the dose and concentration of drugs according to the situation of patients, so as to avoid causing abnormal digestive and bone marrow hematopoietic function, as well as various toxic and side effects.

Treatment 3: in the process of radiotherapy, if it can cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it can not only achieve the effect of Tonifying Qi and blood, but also improve the number of white blood cells, at the same time, it is of great help to increase the body's immune ability. Maintaining a normal body immunity is very effective for the rehabilitation of diseases.

matters needing attention

Rectal cancer to eat less smoked food, fried food, too spicy, stimulating too strong, indigestible food. Hard food, reduce the use of condiments. Rectal cancer patients should pay attention to less anger and more happy things.