What is the treatment of allergic cough? More normal?

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It's inevitable to get sick. In the process of treatment, patients with allergic cough should not only listen to the doctor's instructions, but also pay more attention to their diet. With the cooperation of diet and medicine, the maintenance of dietotherapy can not only make you recover as soon as possible, but also increase your immunity, killing two birds with one stone. So what is the treatment of allergic cough? It's normal?. What about it? Let's take a look at it.

What is the treatment of allergic cough? More normal?

First: cough fast good. Symptomatic: suitable for irritating dry cough. For example, cold or acute bronchitis and cough without phlegm caused by various reasons, as well as cough caused by smoking, irritants, allergies, etc. Usage: oral, 20 mg for adults, 3 times a day.

Second: one kind of antitussive drugs is central antitussive drugs, which mainly act on the cough center of the brain, reduce its sensitivity, and then inhibit cough, mostly used for reflex dry cough. Such as methadone, codeine, morphine and so on, but because this kind of medicine has strong antitussive power, and has certain side effects and addiction, it is best to make this choice when other drugs are ineffective.

Third: peripheral antitussive drugs, including moistening drugs represented by syrup, honey and loquat ointment, or sodium chloride, compound Benzoin Tincture, Eucalyptus brain can be inhaled in the form of steam. If cough sputum more, not too much use of antitussive drugs, or sputum is not easy to discharge.

matters needing attention

Upper respiratory tract infection in children with nasal mucosa has been inflamed, such as re inhalation of dry air will make the nasal more uncomfortable, and will aggravate the cough. Therefore, to keep the room moist, you can use humidifier, hang wet towel, mop the floor with water or put a basin of water in the room to increase air humidity. If the child's cough and nasal congestion symptoms continue for a week and still do not improve, you should take the child to see a doctor as soon as possible.