How does old person heart failure treat?

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In fact, after we have heart failure, there are many kinds of treatment methods. The heart failure part is acute heart failure and chronic heart failure. Acute heart failure originally gets sick quickly, but it recovers quickly after being rescued in the course of disease. Chronic heart failure is a chronic disease state, which needs to be treated with drugs to enhance heart function and prolong life, But it can't restore normal heart function. How to treat heart failure in the elderly? Let me talk about it.

How does old person heart failure treat?

We must pay attention to control the amount of drinking water, excessive drinking water may be harmful to heart failure, because drinking too much water will increase the burden of the heart, if you find that drinking too much water, you can take diuretics, which can help patients to drain water out, those patients with heart failure should do exercise properly, must be gradual, do not rush for success.

Reduce or even do not eat greasy and spicy food, in addition, do not eat foods rich in cholesterol, such as seafood, egg yolk, animal viscera, etc., diet should be light, and consciously strengthen physical exercise, adhere to more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week.

Or the condition of chronic heart failure suddenly aggravated, do not panic, should quickly let the patient sit on the bedside, legs droop, the purpose is to reduce the amount of heart blood, at the same time to call 120 emergency call to report the patient's condition, and the detailed geographical location.

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Heart transplantation is a very good choice. Before waiting for a heart donor, temporary cardiac assist devices can also be implanted. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the treatment of heart failure will be more and more close to the needs of patients.