How long does infantile anal fistula heal oneself commonly?

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Can anal fistula be cured? Nowadays, many male and female friends suffering from anal fistula are very upset, because our skin is fragile in life, especially some skin in the anus is tender, so the infection during these periods will cause skin ulceration after anal fistula, During these periods, I believe many patients have guessed that this feeling is very painful, so if the baby has anal fistula, can it heal itself? Let's have a look!

How long does infantile anal fistula heal oneself commonly?

Anal fistula will not be cured by itself. So this disease in life or through surgery to treat, for infants, not suitable for some surgery to treat, so usually should do a good job in nursing, to avoid secondary infection.

The symptom of anal fistula is difficult defecation, so when these patients often find it difficult to defecate, they should pay attention to the harm of this disease, and also pay attention to some pus around the anus during these periods, and observe at any time.

Anal fistula patients with this disease usually must do some better protection for their disease, for example, the details of diet during these periods are very important, can't often smoke and drink, also can't often eat some spicy and irritating hair.

matters needing attention

This disease of anal fistula will also cause a lot of other inflammation, such as rectal inflammation, so in life, patients should exercise their body more and should not sit for a long time