Can pregnant women drink tea?

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Tea contains tea polyphenols, aromatic oil, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Tea polyphenols have the functions of astringency, detoxification, sterilization and fluid generation. Recent studies have proved that tea polyphenols have a strong anti free radical effect and can delay the aging process of human body. Especially the content of vitamin C in tea is high. Theophyllin can reduce blood lipid, enhance vascular toughness and protect teeth. Some elements in tea also have the ability to remove atomic radiation. Pregnant women can drink tea, but not all tea is suitable for pregnant women. If they drink tea indiscriminately, it may affect the health of pregnant women and fetus.

Can pregnant women drink tea?

It's best not to drink tea in the early stage of pregnancy, because the first three months is the period of fetal nervous system formation. The theophylline and caffeine in tea will affect the development of the fetus. But pregnant women with weak constitution, especially pregnant women with severe pregnancy reaction, should drink some warm tea appropriately.

Starting from 4 months, you can drink some light tea selectively according to your constitution. Because pregnant women have more vigorous metabolic function and more hot constitution, they can drink some cool tea appropriately, such as drinking one or two cups of light green tea every day, which is good for strengthening heart and kidney function, promoting blood circulation, helping digestion, preventing pregnancy edema and promoting fetal growth and development.

No matter what kind of tea you choose, pregnant women can't drink strong tea, and don't drink tea after dinner, because drinking tea after dinner may affect pregnant women's sleep. The principle of pregnant women drinking tea: pregnant women should drink green tea, not black tea, and should avoid drinking strong tea.

matters needing attention

During the day, pregnant women had better choose to drink tea from an hour after lunch to an hour before dinner. Otherwise, the tannin contained in tea will hinder the absorption of iron in food. If pregnant women drink light tea one hour after meals, it will not affect the absorption of iron, but also enhance the body's disease resistance.