How long does it take to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia with cart?

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Immune cells, especially T lymphocytes, are an important barrier to remove tumor in human body. Generally, it is difficult to get a good treatment by taking medicine, and taking medicine is only the effect of alleviating the disease. Cart cell (chimeric antigen receptor T lymphocyte) immunotherapy is a new developed sharp tool for the treatment of tumor in recent years. Next, I'd like to share how long it takes to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia with cart?. Hope to help you.

How long does it take to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia with cart?

First, there are many kinds of biological immunotherapy, including LAK cells, CIK cells, NK cells, CTL cells and so on. Cart cells are a new generation of cellular immunotherapy developed in recent years. Four years ago, Emily, an American girl with leukemia who had recurred for many times, successfully used cart cells to cure leukemia. Since then, her reputation has risen, and more and more cancer patients have benefited from this treatment. Compared with the previous immunotherapy (LAK, CIK, CTL, NK and other immune cells), cart cells use gene editing method to express endogenous tumor antigen and costimulatory factors, which greatly enhances their tumor recognition and anti-tumor effect. For example, the "millet plus rifle" is replaced by "aircraft plus missile", which makes the anti-tumor effect more accurate and more effective, It has fundamentally changed the treatment mode of tumor.

Second, cart cell immunotherapy can be divided into many kinds according to different tumor antigens. At present, cd19-cart cells for B-cell tumors (B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, B-cell lymphoma) are the most mature and effective. At present, the efficacy of cd19-cart cells in the treatment of B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia can reach about 90%, and the efficacy of cd19-cart cells in the treatment of B-cell lymphoma can also reach about 50%.

Third: at present, cd19-cart cells have been used to treat dozens of B-cell tumor patients, and achieved good results. At the same time, bcma-cart cells were used to treat multiple myeloma, and cd20-cart, cd138-cart, cd123-cart cells were used to treat multiple myeloma.

matters needing attention

First, the crispr-cas9 gene editing technology was used to improve cart cells to reduce the expression of PD-1 and relieve the immunosuppression, so as to improve the killing effect of cart cells on tumor; Second, early intervention, using cart cells to treat minimal residual disease. At present, the research is in progress, which is expected to improve the curative effect of cart cell immunotherapy and benefit patients.