How does postpartum rise milk to do?

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Many new mothers will receive postpartum milk problems, the breast is not only swollen, serious when there will be a very strong sense of pain, not only affect the health of mothers, but also easy to affect the mood, below I summarize how to do postpartum milk.

How does postpartum rise milk to do?

Method one, feel the milk when you can let the baby suck. Because this will not only feed the child, but also the child's sucking power can promote our blood circulation, reduce the amount of milk, will reduce the situation of milk.

Method two, when the milk can use hot towel hot compress our breast. Because this can promote the metabolism of our breast milk, accelerate the blood circulation of our breast, not only relieve the feeling of breast pain, but also reduce swelling.

Method 3, you can massage our breasts with your hands often, because when we raise milk, it's easy to produce a lot of milk lumps, which will hinder our blood circulation. When massaging, you can help us knead all the milk lumps, so that the blood circulation will be smooth.

matters needing attention

In the diet must also control the salt intake, do not eat spicy food such as coffee, strong tea, you can eat more cereals such as cereals, oats or soybeans, you can drink more water or milk, but do not drink carbonated drinks.