How is genital herpes treated

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Got genital herpes for a long time, recur repeatedly, cannot heal all the time, troublesome dead, how is genital herpes treated? Do you have any experience with these procedures? Now let's talk about how to treat genital herpes.

How is genital herpes treated

Method 1: the purpose of oral medicine therapy is anti-inflammatory and antipruritic. Antihistamines and sedatives are commonly used. In acute stage, calcium, vitamin C and sodium thiosulfate can be used for intravenous injection, or procaine can be used for intravenous blocking. For patients with acute generalized eczema who have no obvious effect of various therapies, short-term use of corticosteroids should be considered. Once the acute symptoms are controlled, it should be reduced and removed as appropriate, so as to prevent the adverse reactions caused by long-term use of corticosteroids. Antibiotics should be added in case of infection.

Method 2: the proper dosage form should be selected for local treatment, and the external use drugs should be clean, antipruritic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and keratin promoting agents according to the needs and the characteristics of the rash.

The duration of antiviral treatment was extended to 14 days, such as ganciclovir and acyclovir;

matters needing attention

Through sexual contact with genital herpes patients, accounted for more than 90%. It includes sexual intercourse, warm kissing, and hugging. Genital herpes can be transmitted by skin friction, which creates conditions for genital herpes.