The harm of cold in pregnant women

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If you have a moderate cold, you can use some non-toxic drugs to treat it. It is suggested that you should use the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine. It is suggested that you must use it under the guidance of professional doctors. Don't use it indiscriminately, and don't believe in the eating methods of the older generation in the countryside, otherwise there will be serious consequences. In fact, I had a high fever when I was pregnant. After seeing the disease, I think it's OK. Let me tell you the harm of cold in pregnant women.

The harm of cold in pregnant women

First: pay more attention to rest. If you want to go out less in cold season, you can eat some easy to digest rice porridge or noodles. It's better to eat while it's hot. It helps to sweat and has a certain adjuvant effect on cold and runny nose.

Second: not because of the fear of taking medicine to affect the health of the fetus without treatment, so if the disease worsens, it will not be good for the development of the fetus, and the doctor will choose less irritating drugs according to the actual situation.

Third: you can also soak your feet in hot water. Every night, soak your feet in hot water for 15 minutes. Remember that the amount of water should not exceed your feet. After soaking, your feet should be red. Secondly, you can eat green onions raw. When eating, you can heat the oil and pour it on the chopped green onion shreds to mix with tofu. It's also a good way to wash your face with cold water every day.

matters needing attention

Here's a reminder: if you have a sore throat in the first three months of pregnancy, you should be very careful, because the first three months are sensitive period. If you eat the wrong thing, it is easy to cause abortion. At this time, you can drink more warm water, or put a little salt, and drink light salt water. Salt water has anti-inflammatory effect.