How does bacterial prostatitis do

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After middle age, the physical quality is not as good as that of young people. Coupled with the pressure of work and life, middle-aged men are the high incidence group of acute prostatitis. In the face of such a male disease, we should do is to start treatment as soon as possible, so the following is a specific introduction of bacterial prostatitis how to do this problem, hoping to help some people.

How does bacterial prostatitis do

Treatment 1: the simple method for the treatment of prostatic pain is scrotal wall traction. Under the condition of warm relaxation, such as hot bath or repeatedly pulling scrotum wall with fingers in the quilt for 20-30 times, it is appropriate not to pull pain. The purpose is to relax scrotum intima and levator muscle. It is said that some patients can get rid of pain within 2-3 weeks.

Treatment 2: antibiotic drugs diffuse into prostatic fluid from plasma, most of which are effective for Gram-positive bacilli causing urinary tract infection, but they can not pass through the lipid membrane of prostatic epithelium and enter the prostatic acinus to achieve therapeutic effect, so the early treatment of prostatitis must be combined with other treatment methods.

Treatment 3: gentamicin, kanamycin and vancomycin were used alone or in combination. They were directly injected into the prostate through urethra or intubation or perineum, or directly injected into the prostate lesions under the guidance of B-ultrasound.

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These are the questions about how to deal with bacterial prostatitis sorted out for you today. We should establish a happy and full spirit, correctly understand the disease, change the gray way of thinking, and actively face the work, study, life and disease. Be optimistic and open-minded, and get rid of your bad mood in time.