What does liver cancer metastasis mean

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What is the meaning of liver cancer metastasis? I have been receiving chemotherapy in the hospital for several times. I heard that the doctor said that the recovery is good. For patients with this disease, we should treat them as soon as possible. Now I will tell you about the meaning of liver cancer metastasis.

What does liver cancer metastasis mean

Method 1: implantation metastasis is relatively rare, occasionally can be implanted in the peritoneum, diaphragm and chest, causing bloody abdominal cavity, pleural effusion; women can have ovarian metastasis, forming a larger mass.

Method 2: blood metastasis, lung metastasis is the most common, can also be transferred to the pleura, adrenal gland, kidney and bone and other parts.

Method 3: lymph node metastasis is the most common in hilar lymph node metastasis, which can also be transferred to pancreatic, splenic and paraaortic lymph nodes, occasionally involving supraclavicular lymph nodes.

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The specific treatment plan needs to be combined with the patient's specific condition. If there is no metastasis in the early stage, surgical resection can be considered. If there is metastasis in the middle and late stage, conservative treatment is recommended, and comprehensive treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is actively adopted to relieve clinical symptoms, prolong life, reduce pain and improve the quality of life.