What is the treatment of vitiligo

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My friend recently had white spots on his face, porcelain white, dry skin, erythema after exposure, and even blisters. He was diagnosed as vitiligo in the hospital. Let me tell you about the treatment of vitiligo which.

What is the treatment of vitiligo

Treatment 1: the most important thing for the treatment of vitiligo is to conduct accurate and comprehensive scientific detection in the early stage, check the detection of trace element deficiency, lead to pigment cell synthesis disorder detection, abnormal immunity detection, etc., so as to control the immune damage, promote the growth of melanocytes, and treat vitiligo from the perspective of accurately grasping the course of disease, and treat vitiligo from the root.

Treatment 2: diet should pay attention to eat some lean meat, eggs, mushrooms, animal viscera, milk, fresh vegetables, beans, peanuts, black sesame and walnut and other foods rich in tyrosine and mineral copper, zinc, to supplement the body's tyrosine and tyrosinase content, promote the synthesis of melanin, and assist the treatment of vitiligo.

Treatment 3: avoid skin trauma, so as to avoid the occurrence of isomorphic reaction. Do not use irritant cosmetics and external medicine. Proper sun exposure, but avoid excessive sun protection. Strengthen physical exercise, enhance their own physique and immunity. Pay attention to diet, avoid food rich in vitamin C, avoid spicy food.

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Vitiligo will not be cured without treatment, so for patients, after discovering their own vitiligo, they must go to the regular hospital for treatment at the first time. It will be more convenient to find and treat early.