Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women

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Suffering from hemorrhoids is very upset, especially when hemorrhoids attack, will fidget, and even accompanied by itching is very uncomfortable, which will seriously affect the normal work and life, but there are a lot of people suffering from hemorrhoids themselves do not understand, over time hemorrhoids become serious, and then treatment will be a lot of trouble, so the symptoms of hemorrhoids in women? Let's talk about it. Early treatment should be carried out after discovery.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women

Patients with internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids usually show signs of stool bleeding in the early stage. Patients have red blood stains when they wipe their stools. In severe cases, they even have jet like blood spurting out, so this should be noted.

In the case of anal pain, this is the most common reaction of hemorrhoids, especially in patients with hemorrhoids will appear anal pain, itching, and even some patients will feel anal position pain, restlessness, then we should consider hemorrhoids.

Especially in patients with hemorrhoids, when defecating, it will obviously bulge to the anus. Due to the pressure, it will lead to greater trauma, especially for patients with internal hemorrhoids, most of the patients will have a bad smell of stool, and even have signs of blood.

matters needing attention

In severe cases, it can be retracted only when manual intervention is needed. What's more, when walking or coughing carelessly, the pressure on the abdomen will also be increased, which is already a very serious situation. It is necessary to go to the hospital in time for treatment.