What are the symptoms of pneumonia? Maybe you don't talk about hygiene?

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On weekdays, unhealthy diet and poor hygiene lead to the entry of bacteria, which leads to pneumonia and respiratory tract infection. For example, not seeing a doctor correctly, not taking medicine correctly, or abusing antitussive drugs can cause pneumonia. Smoking can also cause pneumonia. In our daily life, many people get pneumonia because they don't take medicine in time when they are ill. The virus enters the body and causes pneumonia. Pneumonia can also harm one's health. Let's look at the symptoms and manifestations of patients with pneumonia.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia? Maybe you don't talk about hygiene?

First: symptoms of pneumonia include fever, rapid breathing, dry cough for a long time, possible unilateral chest pain, chest pain during deep breathing and coughing, small amount of sputum or large amount of sputum, sometimes containing blood. When there are such cases, we should go to the hospital in time to check and listen to the doctor's advice.

Second: children suffering from pneumonia, the symptoms are often not very obvious, the child has a slight cough or no cough. But the sound of the voice snoring, do not think that the child cold is a small thing, to pay attention to the child's body is not the same change, should pay attention to timely treatment.

Third: eat more fruit, soup, less eggs. Food should be light, add more water and vitamin C, but pay attention not to eat too much at a time, too much protein will cause indigestion. Indigestion is also the cause of diarrhea in children. Take medicine correctly and don't use drugs indiscriminately.

matters needing attention

Don't eat pungent food and fried food. You should also quit smoking and drinking. Smoking not only affects your health, but also affects the health of your family. For your own sake, you should smoke less and spend more time with your family.