What cannot eat when menstruation comes

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Women, as long as they are healthy, have menstruation every month. But even so, many women still don't know what they can't eat during menstruation. So, let's see what they can't eat during menstruation.

What cannot eat when menstruation comes

During menstruation, we must avoid caffeinated food, tea and other drinks will increase anxiety and restlessness. We can drink barley tea and mint tea instead. Avoid food that is too hot, too cold and the temperature changes too much

During menstruation, don't deliberately eat sweets, such as drinks, cakes, brown sugar and candy. Prevent unstable blood glucose, avoid aggravating MC's discomfort, and eat more high fiber food. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats and other foods contain more fiber, which can promote the discharge of estrous hormone, increase the content of magnesium in blood, regulate menstruation and calm nerves, Eat enough protein. Eat more meat, eggs, tofu, soybeans and other high protein food for lunch and dinner. Supplement nutrients and minerals during menstruation. Fix the amount regularly. It can avoid the rise and fall of blood sugar, and reduce the discomfort such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fatigue and emotional instability

Avoid overwork, should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour, wine and other stimulating food, drink plenty of boiled water, keep defecation unobstructed, reduce pelvic congestion, pay attention to proper rest and keep enough sleep

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During menstruation, we should also avoid swimming, cold bath, Basin Bath and strenuous exercise. We need more rest. We must not be too tired, or we will increase the amount of bleeding.