How does female lower body bleed to return a responsibility

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In our life, there are many people who choose induced labor when they are forced to. After three months of pregnancy, they can do induced labor. But induced labor has a great impact on a woman's injury. We all know whether induced labor can be done at any time, but some people have been struggling for a long time when they choose to do induced labor, Some of them want to have a son, some of them have deformities, and some of them abandon each other. How long will the lower body bleeding be clean after induced labor? I'd like to explain the reasons for this situation.

How does female lower body bleed to return a responsibility

First: early completion of induced labor surgery, in this period of time is the emergence of leakage, but leakage will last three to seven days, generally speaking, menstruation is generally about seven days of time, but some people are longer, but not more than half a month.

Second: after the induced labor operation, we need to pay attention to many things, especially when there is leakage, we should pay more attention to the health of our lower body. Although there is leakage, we also need to wash frequently with clean water. When washing, we can bring disposable gloves or wash directly by hand.

Third: after the induced labor operation, if the menstruation is not clean after half a month, we have to go to the hospital to make the corresponding examination, don't think that there is no big problem with menstruation for a long time, although we have induced labor, at this time, we should pay special attention to our body.

matters needing attention

After induced labor, the most important thing is to control your life. In terms of diet, you should control spicy, raw and cold food. It's better to eat some protein and vitamin food. You should control smoking, drinking and so on. You should control your sexual intercourse after a month.