What are the main causes of infertility

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Since my husband and I got married, I haven't been pregnant, and I have a lot of psychological pressure. I really want to have my own child. The doctor said that my bilateral fallopian tubes were blocked, and then the treatment was carried out immediately. Now the situation is slightly better. Let's talk about the main reasons for infertility.

What are the main causes of infertility

Reason 1: Endometriosis is one of the main causes of infertility, and the concurrent infertility rate is as high as 30% - 40%. Moderate and severe endometriosis is easy to be found and diagnosed, but many mild endometriosis can become infertility without clinical symptoms.

Reason 2: immune factors have not been used as routine examination items of infertility in the past, and are gradually being paid attention to. Anti sperm antibody, anti zona pellucida antibody and anti intrauterine antibody have certain effects on sperm and egg binding, fertilization and embryo implantation, and cause immune infertility, which accounts for 10% - 20% of the total number of infertility.

Third, the physical and chemical properties of cervical mucus can directly affect the viability and penetration of sperm. If there is no thin and transparent egg white like mucus during ovulation, it is not conducive for sperm to penetrate the cervix and affect fertilization.

matters needing attention

As we all know, eggs are rich in protein, which play a carrier in function. Therefore, male brothers can increase the energy of eggs and help patients recover quickly.