Why does psoriasis recur

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Psoriasis is a recurrent skin disease, but as long as the treatment of symptomatic can achieve clinical cure, my classmate Xiao Li is this disease, after treatment, now the disease has a certain control, let me share with you.

Why does psoriasis recur

Problem 1: 1. Genetic, according to clinical, the disease often has family history, and has genetic tendency. Most of the cases are prone to fall and winter, a small number of cases are in other seasons, and some cases have obvious seasonal relationship. Some patients developed or aggravated in autumn and winter, and decreased or subsided in summer.

Problem 2: infection, throat infection history, found that many patients with psoriasis and tonsillitis are closely related. The infection is an important factor of psoriasis. Mental trauma, intense emotional stimulation can induce and aggravate the disease accounted for 40%, worry makes the disease worse accounted for 37%

Problem 3: endocrine disorders are mainly related to pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and menstruation. Some patients can be relieved during pregnancy, some worsen, a few cases worsen before and after menstruation, and some skin lesions worsen or lighten after childbirth or amenorrhea.

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The above is why psoriasis is always repeated? Detailed introduction, I believe you should have a certain understanding, but also hope that I can help you.