How is infantile haemorrhoid treated

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The treatment of hemorrhoids is the most concerned topic of many patients with hemorrhoids. Many patients are lack of understanding of the disease, and many patients tolerate the disease for various reasons and do not go for treatment. When the condition is very serious, they have to go to the hospital, and the condition becomes extremely complex. Experts remind that for the treatment of hemorrhoids, we must take reasonable and effective treatment, not blind treatment.

How is infantile haemorrhoid treated

First: internal hemorrhoids may be a variety of hemorrhoids in patients with no pain, because internal hemorrhoids located in the tooth line, is dominated by the visceral nerve, visceral nerve is not sensitive to pain, so although internal hemorrhoids bleeding and other symptoms, but do not feel pain.

Second: people with stroke are easy to get hemorrhoids, because stroke patients lie and sit for a long time. For the patients with mild paralysis or hemiparalysis who can go down to the ground with the help of crutches, the principles of early prevention and treatment should be adopted, such as proper exercise and surgical or non-surgical treatment according to the patient's condition; For patients with severe paralysis and complete bed rest, no matter the severity of hemorrhoid symptoms, oral and external medicine should be used for conservative treatment.

Third: children have a relatively small chance of hemorrhoids, the treatment should be simple and painless treatment methods such as external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Usually pay more attention to adjust diet, let children eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and honey; Wash anus with warm water after defecation or before going to bed to improve anal blood circulation.

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For the treatment of hemorrhoids is a variety of methods, it is important to choose their own method.