What medicine does nephrotic syndrome take

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For two weeks, I often found that my urine volume was not as good as before. Sometimes I drank a few glasses of water a day, but I didn't have any urine. My friends said it was terrible. So I went to consult the doctor and found that I had nephrotic syndrome. After a period of treatment, my condition was much better. In order to prevent you from the same disease, I'd like to introduce what medicine to take for nephrotic syndrome.

What medicine does nephrotic syndrome take

First: there are several types of nephrotic syndrome. The treatment effect of medium-term minimal change is the best. It can be cured by hormone treatment. The ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine are complex, and there are many ingredients that need to consume your vitamins, which affect the healing of the disease. The treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine can reduce the use of hormone and reduce the side effects of hormone. The reduction of hormone should be based on your treatment It's better to be guided by the doctor who treats the patient.

Second: ginseng, pilose antler, deer whip, epimedium, dog spine, Ligustrum lucidum, Rosa laevigata and other traditional Chinese medicine. With its strong drug activity, it is known as "soft gold for kidney treatment". It has anti-inflammatory, anti mycoplasma, detoxification, Lishi Tonglin, waist strengthening, anti-aging, comprehensive treatment of glomerular vascular network, improve the balance of renal secretion and metabolism, promote the vigorous period of kidney essence, comprehensive recovery and reproductive function, and is mainly used for the treatment of waist and knee soreness, urgency and frequency of urination, dysplasia, etc

Thirdly, the TCM treatment of nephrotic syndrome should start from three aspects: plugging, clearing the source and duplicating. Plug flow mainly refers to the elimination or reduction of urinary protein loss. The commonly used drugs are compound Tripterygium syrup, which is composed of Tripterygium wilfordii root core xylem, Salvia miltiorrhiza and Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Clearing the source mainly refers to the treatment of etiology and pathogenesis based on syndrome differentiation, so as to clear the source. The copy mainly refers to the loss of protoprotein and disease.

matters needing attention

At ordinary times, for the treatment of some stubborn diseases, we can appropriately adopt the method of combining Chinese and Western medicine, but it must be approved by the doctors of regular hospitals. At the same time, we should consult the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to avoid the aggravation of the disease, or we can not fully cooperate with the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.